About Us

D’Rose Consulting is a rapidly growing IT consulting company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded by a leading group of professionals having several years of domain expertise in business consulting and software engineering area, we are well positioned to offer services in verticals like banking and finance as well as horizontally in the areas of system development and integration, strategic business solutions and consulting.

We are fully geared towards bringing our competencies to bear on providing wide range of IT services and solutions tailored to specific needs of our customers. Backed by our experienced and professional team, we are also well positioned to deliver web and desktop applications, distributed and networking applications and custom database development, among other IT related undertakings.

At D’Rose Consulting, we keep ourselves abreast with latest technology trends that shape the dynamics of IT and IT enabled solutions market backed by well-defined project structures and methodologies to design and develop each product and service offering in complete accordance with client’s requirements. Our technical expertise, structured development approach and methodologies and project management expertise enable us to deliver in-time and on-budget projects of any size.

Our customer concentric approach is the driving force behind our strategic orientation centering around the need to fully understand the business requirements of our clients and offer specialized and cost effective technology services across the demand landscape.

D'Rose Consulting remains committed to sustain its unflinching commitment to quality in its product and service offerings and delivering value to its customers.

IT Solutions

Branchless Banking - D'Rose

D’Rose Branchless Banking is a modern financial system employed for execution of tasks concerning financial issues, without the incorporation of physical branches of the banks. Branchless banking system has substantial potential for expansion of footprint of the banks in remote areas, where establishment of bank branch may not be an economically viable, due to the huge expenses involved, and lesser number of customers available.

ERP Applications - Deskera

Deskera ERP applications give you a comprehensive and integrated platform to run your business, your way. Integrate your purchasing, inventory, sales and billing, product management, vendor management, and financial reporting processes on a single platform, and gain insight into day-to-day business operations in real-time.

Data Warehouse Automation - TimeXtender

Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender is a comprehensive new approach to business intelligence that brings together the best of both worlds: governance and self-service. It enables a business leader to rapidly access and interpret data they know they can trust. And it frees IT from tedious and redundant tasks that can readily be automated. Discovery Hub® is fully integrated, delivering faster time to value with fewer resources.

Business Intelligence - Yellowfin

Yellowfin is a modern analytics platform that connects people and their data. The Yellowfin BI platform gives IT the control they need, analysts the tools and flexibility they need, and business decision makers the trustworthy data they need. And it gives developers the flexibility and easy integration they desire. Everything you need in a single platform to ensure success.

Business Process Management - Intra-mart

The intra-mart framework is an application framework which is targeted at web system integration. The intra-mart framework delivers low-cost system integration over short timeframes. It also increases the effectiveness of IT investment by promoting standardization and improving quality. The intra-mart framework makes it possible to realize highly maintainable systems that can flexibly handle changing business needs.

Cloud Computing - Biznet GIO Cloud

Biznet GIO has been focusing in Infratructure as a Service offering such as GioPublic for public cloud and GioPrivate for private cloud that provide powerful, reliable, and highly secured cloud computing services. Biznet GIO provides GioBackup for Backup which enables customers to backup their systems in a simple and secure way and also GioStorage a very powerful Object Storage as a Service. Biznet GIO also provides file sharing as a service to enable their customers sync and share files on the Cloud.



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